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6 Reasons Top-performing 3PLs Embrace Technology to Win

Listed in: 3PL, Logistics IT

Demands for faster, more accurate fulfillment of rapidly changing order mixes requires more resources than people on their own can address. Flexible technology is assisting distributors by moving goods and information with an untiring speed and accuracy that people can’t match. Leading 3PLs attract and retain clients by actively evaluating and implementing multi-client technology as part of reengineered flexible processes.

Lift Truck Sanitization Best Practices

Listed in: Trucking

From daily operation to service calls, personnel interact with lift trucks in several ways, all of which can risk virus transmission without proper sanitization. We’ve compiled a guide, drawing on guidance from the CDC and applying it to lift truck operation, including best practices for equipping personnel with the right supplies, sanitizing lift truck equipment, incorporating sanitization as part of daily routines and managing risk with vendor consolidation. Download now. 

Also from Yale Materials Handling Corporation:

How to Leverage Technology and Your Team to Achieve the Perfect Order

Listed in: 3PL, Logistics IT

In today’s market, distributors and 3PLs that are implementing advanced technology and deploying it at a rapid pace are winning loyalty from their customers and becoming market leaders.The Tecsys warehouse management system at Delmar International Inc. forms an integral part of the technology platform that empowers its pickers to make quick and accurate decisions, attain flawless execution and deliver excellent customer service.

Key Differentiators of the Supply Chain Control Tower for Orchestration

Listed in: Logistics IT, Supply Chain Visibility

There is no shortage of Control Tower options, but in today’s demanding, disruptive, and evolving climate, businesses require a supply chain platform that enables systems unification, network-wide collaboration, and process convergence. This paper describes the key differentiators of the Control Tower for Supply Chain Orchestration, which helps businesses dynamically and intelligently partner with their network to stay resilient, adaptive, and better mitigate risk and impact.

Creating a Dynamic Supply Chain

Listed in: Fulfillment, Materials Handling, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

Managing and optimizing the supply chain of today is more challenging than ever. The “Future of Fulfillment” educational series continues with “Creating a Dynamic Supply Chain: How Distribution Management Continues to Lead the Way.” Learn how, through a combination of strategic site expansion and optimization, automation, and demand planning, Distribution Management has designed a dynamic supply chain that delivers a best-in-class customer experience and defines DM as an industry leader in deploying new technologies.

Food & Beverage Ecommerce Fulfillment Guide

Listed in: E-Commerce, Fulfillment

The coronavirus crisis is driving food and beverage shoppers online. The trend is likely to continue as consumers find their “new normal” in the wake of the pandemic. How will this impact order fulfillment operations? What can retailers and food and beverage companies do to accommodate increased e-commerce volume? This free e-book details effective fulfillment strategies to implement now. Download now.

5 Signs You Need a New Training Provider

Listed in: HazMat, Transportation

Training to handle, manage, and ship dangerous chemicals is not a rote exercise intended to “check a box.” When a mistake can lead to serious injury, death, evacuations, hospitalizations, highway closures, and lasting environmental contamination, training for personnel must meet higher standards for quality, accuracy, and knowledge retention. Download now.

Business Continuity in the Age of COVID-19 Requires an Enterprise Approach to Home Office Shipping

Listed in: Shipping Software, TMS, Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt

The COVID-19 crisis has businesses struggling as employees transition to working from home. Instead of managing four offices, companies must now manage 4,000. Lacking a centralized mailroom, employees are forced to improvise when sending materials to customers, prospects, and other employees. This e-ook shows how a cloud-based multi-carrier management solution maintains centralized control while giving employees tools to ship efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely from home offices. Download now.

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3PLs to the Rescue Cover

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3PLs to the Rescue

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Reshaping the Supply Chain

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2020 Logistics Planner Cover

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2020 Logistics Planner

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Reader’s Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards Cover

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Reader’s Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

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3PL Perspectives 2020 Cover

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3PL Perspectives 2020

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