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2020 Ecommerce Fulfillment Trends Report

Listed in: 3PL, E-Commerce, Fulfillment

86% of ecommerce merchants sell through multiple online sales channels according to Saddle Creek's new survey. Download their new in-depth report exploring network configuration, technology solutions, delivery options, fulfillment outsourcing and more.

Top 12 Warehouse Operational Metrics

Listed in: Warehousing

Check out the top 12 metrics and best-in-class scores most frequently reported by warehouse professionals, according to the 2019 Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) DC Measures Report. 


The Countdown to Prepare for Brexit

Listed in: Customs Compliance/Duty Drawback, Global Trade

Are you ready for the UK’s departure from the EU? The impact of Brexit on your supply chain could be unpredictable at best, with disruptions and accidental non-compliance as a direct result from ever-changing trade customs rules. It’s time to take the complication out of trade compliance. Discover the world’s most complete source of trade content powered by Cloud Logistics and learn how you can protect your company from Brexit's trade challenges and potential fines in less than 24 hours!

Improving Supply Chain Accuracy, Productivity, and Speed

Listed in:

Download this free white paper from Brother Mobile Solutions to discover one of the smartest & simplest ways to speed productivity. Explore the changing warehouse landscape. Then find out how next-gen barcode printing & labeling solutions can help small & mid-size businesses.

5 Signs You Need a New Training Provider

Listed in: HazMat, Transportation

Training to handle, manage, and ship dangerous chemicals is not a rote exercise intended to “check a box.” When a mistake can lead to serious injury, death, evacuations, hospitalizations, highway closures, and lasting environmental contamination-training for personnel must meet higher standards for quality, accuracy, and knowledge retention.

The Complete KPI Worksheet for Shippers 

Listed in: Sourcing/Negotiations, Transportation, Trucking


As a shipper, you know every mile, every load, every dollar counts. This is where KPIs or Key Performance Indicators come in. KPIs help you determine whether your carriers and transportation partners are delivering the most value for your buisness. The Complete KPI Worksheet for Shippers is the gold standard for carrier scorecards. Shippers can use this template to monitor performance, control costs, and benchmark their carrier network. Download now.

How to Drive More Value from Your 3PLs

Listed in: 3PL

How you define your 3PL relationships is tied directly to your success. Read Gartner’s Report: Helping Logistics Leaders Define Transactional, Preferred and Strategic 3PL Relationships.

The ROI Behind Freight Visibility

Listed in: Logistics IT, Supply Chain Visibility, Transportation

Download Descartes’ eBook to learn how to measure the value and ROI of freight visibility, plus identify areas of greatest payback in your distribution operations to reduce tracking and detention costs, minimize chargebacks, streamline inbound deliveries and improve customer service. 

Data, Data, Data: How do I harness it? 

Listed in: Logistics IT, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization, Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt

While every shipper understands the importance of data, supply chains can struggle to read and action the insights, even if the information lives in-house. Data management may seem simple, but there are pitfalls to avoid. If a shipper harnesses their data properly, the business can leverage metrics to optimize for reliable capacity and lower operational costs. Data, Data, Data: How do I harness it? will explore the magic of data analysis.

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January 2020 Cover

Full Digital Issue

January 2020

(420 pages • 103.9 MB PDF)

July 2019 Cover

Full Digital Issue

July 2019

(245 pages • 40.1 MB PDF)

2020 Logistics Planner Cover

Digital Edition

2020 Logistics Planner

(128 pages • 16.6 MB PDF)

Top 100 3PL Providers Cover

Digital Edition

Top 100 3PL Providers

(19 pages • 0.81 MB PDF)

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards Cover

Digital Edition

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

(8 pages • 1.1 MB PDF)