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Demand Planning & Forecasting

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John Galt Solutions

As a recognized leader in the forecast and collaborative planning market, John Galt Solutions provides accurate business forecasting, automated demand planning and real-time web collaboration. Our unique supply chain management software solutions result in success for our customers as they are able to maximize profits and optimize the value of their processes. John Galt’s customers continually reduce costs, save time, build better customer and vendor relationships, and stay competitive by empowering the entire supply chain with our innovative software and services. Every day, over 5,000 customers around the world utilize John Galt’s products to leverage IT investments, integrate and evolve business processes, and effectively manage and predict demand.

RockySoft Corporation

RockySoft provides the leading inventory management solution for mid-market distributors. RockySoft provides a powerful exception-based planning system to streamline collaborative forecasting, demand planning, automated inventory management, advanced replenishment planning, supplier management, sales and operations planning, and EDI-deployed Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI/EDI). Clients experience an increase in productivity and customer service levels, while reducing inventory an average of 25 percent.