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A&R Logistics

A&R Logistics specializes in bulk transportation, packaging, distribution, and logistics. A&R provides dependable, quality services to meet your distribution and logistics needs. Through analytical reviews, A&R customizes timely, cost-effective solutions for your company. Put A&R’s experienced staff and extensive affiliate network to work for you, and realize global solutions in a changing worldwide market.

American Commercial Lines

Barge transportation on America’s vast inland waterways system is the most economical, safest and greenest way to keep the wind power industry on the move – moving wind turbines more efficiently and for a lower cost than railroads and trucks. Barges also consume less fuel and emit fewer pollutants. It’s the current wisdom, and it’s why American Commercial Barge Line urges you to do what it has been doing for nearly 100 years – Follow The River.

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BDP International

Some of the world's most respected companies rely on BDP International to handle their demanding air, ocean, and ground shipments, and logistics challenges. Browse BDP's web site to learn how it has helped companies reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and streamline processes using its global network of operations spanning 122 countries, including more than 20 offices in the United States. BDP's broad spectrum of services and customer support make it a trusted company for a full range of integrated solutions.

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

Founded in 1905, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. is one of the largest third-party logistics companies in the world, providing multimodal transportation, fresh produce sourcing, and information services to more than 32,000 customers globally, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses in a variety of industries. For more information about our company, visit our website at

CG Railway, Inc.

In March 2000, CG Railway, Inc. was launched with the mission to provide an alternate transportation mode between the United States, Canada, and southern Mexico. Today, the carrier fulfills that mission, providing frequent, expedient, and reliable logistics services to customers. Along the way, CG Railway has earned a best-in-industry reputation based upon its well-established record for efficient and dependable service.

ChemLogix LLC

ChemLogix is a leading provider of comprehensive chemical industry logistics management outsourcing and technology services that, together with its supply chain consulting resources, enable shippers to improve performance and drive economic value. ChemLogix solves vital logistics challenges by leveraging chemical industry expertise, best-of-breed technology, and a personalized, high-touch approach to deliver measurable, sustainable value.

CLX Logistics

CLX Logistics is a global provider of comprehensive logistics management, technology, and supply chain consulting services to a broad base of industry verticals. From chemical and energy to manufacturing, retail, agriculture, automotive, and heavy haul, we help clients in nearly every industry to realize sustainable supply chain value by employing a mix of managed services, on-demand global TMS technology, and comprehensive transportation management services to improve performance and reduce cost. CLX Logistics is dedicated to solving its customers’ most vital logistics challenges.

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Dupré Logistics

With specific emphasis in the chemical, consumer products, and beverage industries, Dupré’s unique solutions provide expertise in dedicated fleets, transportation management/brokerage, materials handling, and reverse logistics. Dupré works to understand your business and measure how our system meets your expectations.


As the global leader in supply chain process integration and collaboration, Elemica enables companies to achieve operational excellence by replacing complex approaches with automated systems and intelligent business processes. Utilizing leading-edge technology and in-depth process expertise, Elemica integrates disparate enterprise business systems and processes into one unified network across all customers, suppliers, and third-party service providers irrespective of company size or industry.

FW Warehousing

The chemical warehouse designed and built by FW Warehousing, Centreville, Ill., uses the most current hazardous materials storage methods to provide a well-managed hazmat warehousing solution. FW Warehousing is certified by FedEx and UPS for small-package chemical shipping and fulfillment. Certified to handle flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, and other environmentally sensitive chemicals, FW Warehousing, located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, has materials handling equipment for carloads, drums, pallets, ISO tanks, and totes.

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Jacobson Companies

Jacobson Companies is a leading third-party logistics company providing end-to-end supply chain solutions including warehousing and distribution, contract packaging and manufacturing, freight management, customs brokerage, and ocean and airfreight forwarding. Jacobson offers expertise in a range of industry verticals including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, healthcare/life sciences, durable goods, consumer electronics, and retail. What can we do for you!

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KAG Logistics

KAG Logistics provides transportation management, capacity solutions, and a variety of logistics services across North America—all tailored to meet your unique needs. Our experienced logistics team is here for you 24/7/365, with our extensive carrier network, proven processes, industry-leading technology, and analytics to support your supply chain initiatives while driving value into your business. Serving the fuels, chemicals, specialty products, food, and merchant gas industries, we deliver on-time, error-free results—guaranteed.

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Klinge Corporation

Klinge Corporation provides superior tranport container solutions for a variety of industries, including chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food processing, and military. The company’s refrigeration units are built to the highest standards and designed to stand up against harsh conditions. Klinge provides customers with customized options to suit all their business needs


When you ship dangerous goods with Labelmaster, you get the best of three worlds: Best-in-class software, consulting services, and an assortment of products to keep you compliant, safe, and efficient when shipping dangerous goods. Whether you ship a few packages a day, or manage a global supply chain, choose the team of globally recognized experts who deliver the best hazmat shipping solutions in the world. Trust Labelmaster.


Landstar’s network of independent sales agents and transportation capacity providers offers greater flexibility and a local presence that has a global reach. The Landstar network is unmatched in the industry. With more than 1,100 independent agents, 9,000 leased owner operators, 14,000 trailers and 44,000 other available capacity providers, we have the flexibility and experience to find a solution to your transportation challenge.

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Linden Warehouse & Distribution Co.

A premier provider of distribution services, Linden specializes in the handling, distribution, and cross-docking of general commodities, retail merchandise, chemicals, and related products. The company provides expertise in the handling and storage of hazardous commodities, as well as specialized storage for flammables and products requiring temperature-controlled facilities. Linden operates approximately 1.2 million square feet of public warehouse space in northern New Jersey

Lion Technology

Now your employees can be trained online to meet DOT's regulatory requirements with Lion Technology's unique hazmat training. Over 50 online programs allow you to pick and choose the right curriculum for each employee – from loading dock workers, packagers, forklift operators, and clerical assistants to those shipping consumer commodities and materials of trade. Effective and affordable, training is tailored to the needs and pace of each employee. Expert instructors and a wealth of printed materials back up the program so no question goes unanswered. To register or to try a free training program visit

LMS Logistics

Logistics Management Solutions (LMS) offers TOTAL, a Web-enabled TMS that significantly reduces overall transportation costs, can be implemented—and producing results—within 90 days, offers a low-cost point of entry, and easily integrates into existing ERP systems. Many of our clients, including BASF and Monsanto, are using TOTAL to significantly cut their transportation costs. Contact us: 1-800-355-2153.

Logistics Management Resources, Inc.

Since 1981, LMR has been providing third-party logistics services to the chemical, aircraft deicer, waste, oil/gas, and biofuels industries across multiple modes throughout North America. Our specialty is managing bulk truck logistics, both liquid and dry, plus additional services for truckload (hazmat/reefer/tote bin), intermodal, walking floor, end-dump, roll-on/roll-off, and high-wide-heavy specialized needs. With dedicated logistics professionals, and an internally developed, fully customized and customer accessible TMS, LMR provides real-time cost and service reporting to transition your logistics operations from a “cost of doing business” to a competitive value-add.

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Over land, on the water, in the air—or in any combination—Lynden has been helping customers solve transportation problems for almost a century. Operating in such challenging areas as Alaska, Western Canada and Russia, as well as other areas around the globe, Lynden has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries.

Miller Intermodal Logistics Services

Miller Intermodal Logistics Services is a proven leader in logistics and transportation management serving the United States, Canada and Mexico. Its key offerings include bulk tank truck transportation, dedicated fleet operations, supply chain management, transload distrubution, and equipment leasing. MILS, Inc. provides customers with exemplary delivery performance while maintaining a strong commitment to safety and public responsibility.

National Association of Chemical Distributors

NACD connects chemical handlers with industry leaders in every stage of the distribution supply chain. Through NACD Responsible Distribution®, chemical handlers will operate more safely and perform more efficiently while decreasing the impact of/need for customer audits. In addition, NACD provides best practices for facility management and unmatched professional growth programs while serving as a unified voice that protects our industry’s interests at the local, regional, and national level.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) combines deep industry expertise with leading technology to provide multimodal logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers. Odyssey enables clients to outsource any part of their logistics processes to achieve savings through reduced transportation and infrastructure costs, measurable customer service and process improvements, and improved data quality and management. Odyssey is a leader in intermodal with expertise in liquid food, chemicals, and metals transport.

Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Old Dominion Freight Line is a less-than-truckload carrier providing complete nationwide service within the continental United States. Through its four product groups, OD-Domestic, OD-Expedited, OD-Global, and OD-Technology, the company offers an array of innovative products and services to, from, and between North America, Central America, South America, and the Far East. The company also offers a broad range of expedited and logistical services in both domestic and global markets.

Pacific Coast Warehouse Company

Pacific Coast Warehouse Company (PCWC) is a third-party logistics provider based in California, with more than 70,000 food grade rack and bulk pallet storage positions in the southern and northern California markets. PCWC offers a complete line of warehousing and value-added services, as well as all levels of transportation service, including drayage, intermodal, full truckload, flatbed, and LTL. For more information about Pacific Coast Warehouse Co., visit

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Rinchem Company Inc.

Rinchem is a leading provider of chemical management services to the semiconductor, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. We are an asset-based logistics company that streamlines customers’ supply chains, resulting in increased efficiencies and reduced costs. Since 1976, Rinchem has provided comprehensive services including chemical warehousing, chemical and waste transportation, waste stream management, and safety and regulatory training and consulting.

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VISCO provides small to medium-size importers with an affordable solution that lets every department within a given company operate at maximum efficiency. The software offers sophisticated financial analysis tools, easy-to-understand product positioning for sales representatives, and automated documentation and detailed goods tracking. The movement of goods is tracked through all steps of the importing and sales processes at the individual package level. The system also allows for flexible product specifications and analysis, matching customer requirements to vendor specifications to assure accurate order fulfillment. More information is available on the web site.

Weber Logistics

Weber provides warehouse services throughout the Western United States, with 6.5 million square feet of space across 19 modern distribution centers in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Warehouse services include dedicated contract warehousing, shared warehousing, temperature-controlled storage, e-commerce fulfillment, crossdock services, and a wide range of value-added services, such as product postponement, kitting services, and hazardous material storage.

WSI (Warehouse Specialists, LLC)

Reliability is everything. At WSI, that has been our approach to integrated logistics and supply chain solutions for over 50 years. Our promise of Condition, Count & Time ensures accurate, timely, and sound performance—every time. Recognized as one of the top 3PL providers in North America, WSI delivers custom solutions for warehousing/distribution, fulfillment, transportation, import/export, information technology, and customer support services. Depend on WSI for increased efficiency, reduced costs, and absolute reliability.

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