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Polaris Transportation Group

Polaris Transportation Group is best known for scheduled LTL service between Canada and the United States. Polaris specializes in the shipment of dry goods. But it also has developed complementary transportation services including: specialized movement of trade show displays and exhibits, third-party cross-border and domestic freight management, cross-border and domestic intermodal service, expedited ground and air service, and global air and ocean freight forwarding.

Purolator International

Purolator International is the U.S.-based freight forwarding subsidiary of Purolator Inc., Canada's leading overnight courier company. Purolator International specializes in air and surface forwarding of express, parcel, and freight shipments, with enhanced supply chain solutions to offer delivery to, from, and within Canada. Purolator International offers preferred access to an extensive distribution network in Canada, which includes 11,000 dedicated employees, the leading air fleet, and ground network with the most guaranteed Canadian delivery points in Canada.

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Saia LTL Freight

For nearly 90 years, Saia LTL Freight has been providing customers with fast, reliable regional and interregional shipping. With 147 terminals located in 34 states, Saia LTL Freight offers a range of products and services that are backed up by a guarantee like no other in the industry. Our Customer Service Indicators, or CSIs, allow us to measure our performance each month against a set of six indices that our shippers said are the most important to them.

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