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Nulogy: Our Differentiator

Get visibility into your outsourced supply chain.

Ensure that you uphold your brand promise and consistently produce at a high quality, all while reducing OTIF risks by tracking order status and reacting quickly to changing supplier capacity.

Nulogy is a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions, serving some of the world’s fastest growing and most innovative consumer brands and their external supply chain providers.

Visibility Drives Effective Collaboration

Nulogy’s cloud-based platform allows consumer brands and their external suppliers to gain visibility and collaborate more effectively, helping the ecosystem respond with ease and speed to a volatile retail and consumer environment while reducing waste and costs.

As well, global leading logistics providers such as DHL, XPO, CEVA, and K+N leverage Nulogy to optimize their production, labor, and inventory management while providing more responsive and higher-quality service to their brand customers.

Nulogy's platform is implemented in hundreds of contract packaging and manufacturing sites around the world.

CPGs Need Agile and Resilient External Supply Chains

Today’s marketplace is increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Many consumer brands rely on their external manufacturing and packaging partners to help bring products to market more quickly and cost-effectively. But many of these supply chain ecosystems lack the ability to collaborate effectively, and are shackled by the limitations of ERPs.

Nulogy illuminates the black box of your external supply chain and enables you to work better and smarter with your external manufacturers and packagers.

North America:
480 University Ave, Suite 1200
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1V2