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Mitch Weseley

Mission Statement:

TMS rebuilt for shippers and LSPs delivering high-value features without complexity–seamlessly unifying transportation planning and execution on a single platform.

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3GTMS is a developer of transportation software for LSPs and Shippers. Innovative transportation management software on a single platform for rating, routing, execution, and freight payment & audit–offered via cloud or on premise.

This third generation of TMS is designed for transportation professionals by the experts who invented TMS, and have now reinvented it offering an easy to use solution that simplifies inbound & outbound transportation planning and execution.

The foundation of 3GTM is an execution platform that manages the process of moving freight out the door–to the right person, for the right price, at the right time - while seamlessly coordinating with internal systems and all trading partners. Using unique and sophisticated algorithms to merge optimization & execution, 3GTM allows you to quickly and easily make decisions and execute recommendations to drive huge savings with minimal effort.

Developed with the appropriate balance of feature function and flexibility 3GTM–our flagship product–includes individual modules that can be licensed separately for use in your own TMS, WMS and ERP systems.

  • Freight Planning, Routing & Optimization
  • Freight Rating–for all modes
  • Carrier Tendering, Execution & Monitoring
  • Freight Payment & Audit
  • Brokerage
Additional Solutions:
  • Contract Manager: A unique and highly scalable rating engine for LTL, TL, parcel, and multi modal freight - including buy and sell capabilities–that provides the most comprehensive rating without having to incur the expense of a fully installed TMS or rely on custom software built on top of a bureau rating engine. Contract Manager calculates the real cost - “actual invoice” amount–including all accessorials.
  • LTL Rate Management Tools: A suite of carrier tariffs, carrier transit times, and neutral tariffs. A cost effective alternative to rating tools and service standards offered by rate bureaus.

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3GTMS, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
Shelton, CT
Regional Offices
Philadelphia and Raleigh
(203) 513-9336