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Pallets: Front & Center May 2022 | 14 pgs. | 5 MB

Playing a central role in the supply chain, the often-overlooked pallet is capturing the spotlight and evolving to keep up with rapidly changing demands. These pallet companies ensure standout performances.

Intermodal Is Just the Ticket May 2022 | 8 pgs. | 2.7 MB

With rail facility and infrastructure upgrades nailed down and intermodal network improvements on track, these ports and sites are riding high on the advantages of intermodal.

Web_Cite City Annual Directory May 2022 | 30 pgs. | 2.7 MB

Browsing the internet for supply chain, logistics, transportation and technology providers is a breeze with this easy-to-use guide.

Solving the E-Commerce Equation March 2022 | 8 pgs. | 2.6 MB

As labor constraints and capacity challenges persist, e-commerce complications multiply. Eureka! These logistics providers have it all figured out.

Global Trade Management Systems Guide 2022 March 2022 | 4 pgs. | 0.56 MB

In today’s complex and unsettled business environment, global trade management (GTM) systems are more important than ever. These GTM providers can help take some of the stress out of managing a global supply chain.

Boosting DC Productivity November 2021 | 5 pgs. | 1.2 MB

Faced with increasing e-commerce complexity, distribution centers have to balance flexibility with efficiency. Here are the products, equipment, and systems that can help streamline operations.

3PLs Drive Logistics IT Solutions October 2021 | 4 pgs. | 0.6 MB

As consumer expectations and e-commerce shift into overdrive, more shippers are turning to 3PLs’ technology expertise to rev up their services and capabilities in an ever- changing marketplace.

2021 Trucking Perspectives September 2021 | 6 pgs. | 0.2 MB

In an exclusive annual survey, Inbound Logistics takes the trucking market’s pulse in highly unusual times, polling motor carriers and shippers to discover how they’re navigating today’s market.

Freight Bill Audit & Payment: Sparking Synapses September 2021 | 30 pgs. | 6.2 MB

In a globalized, fast-paced market, businesses need to fire off rapid and accurate insight to thrive. These freight bill audit and payment firms activate solutions and process improvements for shippers’ transportation networks.

WMS Guide 2021 September 2021 | 5 pgs. | 0.14 MB

Warehouse management systems are coveted now more than ever as consumer behaviors continue to shift. This short list of leading solutions can help your business stay agile to meet surging fulfillment demands.

Logistics Supports a Healthy Pharma Industry August 2021 | 6 pgs. | 1.7 MB

Handling everything from freezing temperatures to micro-samples, these innovations and strategies boost pharmaceutical logistics with a healthy dose of efficiency.

Incentives Brighten Site Selection Decisions August 2021 | 8 pgs. | 8.7 MB

Tax, energy, and land incentives can turn a good location into a great one. Here’s what companies and their logistics providers need to consider as they expand their horizons.

3PL Perspectives 2021 July 2021 | 6 pgs. | 0.23 MB

Our annual 3PL Market Research Report uncovers the state of the union between shippers and their third-party logistics providers and reveals how they navigate supply chain challenges. Featuring handy charts and noteworthy figures, the section enumerates and examines the forces that influence their collaboration.

TMS: Unlocking Transportation Efficiencies May 2021 | 14 pgs. | 3.3 MB

READ THIS EDITION NOWTransportation management systems (TMS) are key to managing disruptions, capacity shifts, fluctuating fuel costs, and evolving customer expectations. This guide to leading solutions providers can put you on the road to improved performance.

Why a YMS? Insight & YMS Guide May 2021 | 4 pgs. | 0.71 MB

READ THIS EDITION NOWA yard management system (YMS) can streamline your operations by managing shipments from the yard gate to the dock. Find out how to transform your yard into a source of efficiency, and use this short list of leading providers to start your search for the right solution.

Pallets Power Processes May 2021 | 7 pgs. | 1.6 MB

READ THIS EDITION NOWSometimes overlooked, pallets are critical to successful supply chain management, supporting efficiency goals and sustainability objectives.

Intermodal Meets the Moment May 2021 | 10 pgs. | 2.9 MB

READ THIS EDITION NOWIn a supercharged supply chain, intermodal options are more coveted than ever. Discover how some standout companies contribute to its bright future, even amid changing conditions, behaviors, and preferences in the freight market.

3PLs: Custom Fit Solutions April 2021 | 5 pgs. | 0.62 MB

Providing solutions that fit to a T, logistics providers are helping shippers increase visibility, flexibility, and accuracy. Offering seamless technology integrations and tailored transportation networks, these providers are well-suited supply chain partners.

Logistics IT Perspectives: Market Research April 2021 | 7 pgs. | 0.67 MB

To help logistics professionals plan for the future, Inbound Logistics conducts an annual survey of logistics technology providers. Assembling data on current logistics IT trends, we paint a picture of the capabilities available today and the technology investments shippers are making to gain a competitive edge.

E-commerce Enabled March 2021 | 6 pgs. | 6.9 MB

As e-commerce growth continues to explode, new technology revolutionizes order fulfillment and last-mile delivery strategies to help shippers keep pace.

Expedited Carriers Guide 2020 November 2020 | 6 pgs. | 0.42 MB

These expedited freight solution providers and the services they offer help shippers move their freight—and better serve their customers—at lightning speed.

2020 Trucking Perspectives September 2020 | 6 pgs. | 0.26 MB

In our exclusive annual survey, we polled shippers and truckers to discover how they’re faring in today’s volatile market, what they expect in the future, and what issues loom largest during these unprecedented times. Some results may surprise you.

Freight Bill Audit and Payment: Mining Data Insights September 2020 | 26 pgs. | 5.2 MB

Freight bill audit and payment companies are key supply chain partners that dig up data from the freight audit process to help shippers improve their decision-making.

WMS Buyer’s Guide 2020 September 2020 | 5 pgs. | 0.17 MB

WMS solutions are top of mind now more than ever as customer buying patterns continue to change. These forward-thinking solutions can help your business react quickly to emerging fulfillment demands.

3PL Perspectives 2020 July 2020 | 10 pgs. | 1.3 MB

Our 15th annual 3PL Market Research Report uncovers what’s top of mind for both shippers and 3PLs and reveals how they navigate supply chain challenges. Featuring handy charts and figures, the section enumerates and examines the forces that influence their collaboration.

TMS Buyer’s Guide 2020 May 2020 | 8 pgs. | 46.7 MB

This handy guide showcases TMS providers and solutions that will take your transportation operations to the next level.

Pallets Take the Spotlight May 2020 | 4 pgs. | 0.36 MB

Long a warehouse workhorse, pallets now take center stage in retailers’ sustainability strategies.

Intermodal Leans In May 2020 | 8 pgs. | 1.9 MB

Intermodal beckons as a reliable train to catch for shippers as the supply chain prepares for its journey toward recovery.

Logistics IT Perspectives: Market Research April 2020 | 7 pgs. | 0.18 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual survey highlights key trends in the supply chain technology market and shines a light on the brightest and most innovative providers.

Web_Cite City: The Best Logistics Sites on the Web April 2020 | 25 pgs. | 1.9 MB

This collection of leading transportation, logistics, and technology sites makes searching the web for supply chain solutions easier than ever.

Digital Must Haves

January 2022 January 2022 | 420 pgs. | 96.5 MB

Tune into this jam-packed edition covering supply chain lessons learned, predictions, and impactful to-do’s to fast-track your demand responses and transportation strategies. Under pressure? This special Planner Profile edition will help those takin’ care of business with profiles on the logistics leaders that can provide supply chain services, anyway you want it.

July 2021 July 2021 | 228 pgs. | 371 MB

Trust our annual 3PL edition to bring you the latest market research on partnerships between shippers and their third-party logistics providers. Listing the Top 100 3PLs that won’t let you fall and featuring partnerships that have prevailed through a difficult year, this edition is packed with surefire strategies and disruption-busting advice. Also featured: the much-awaited reveal of the reader-voted Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards.

2022 Logistics Planner January 2022 | 123 pgs. | 18 MB

Find the right technology solutions and transportation and logistics partners to drive supply chain efficiency. The 2022 Logistics Planner, 30 years strong, is updated with profiles of leaders in supply chain, transportation, technology, logistics, and more who stand ready to help you overcome challenges and optimize your enterprise.

Top 100 3PL Providers July 2021 | 20 pgs. | 0.96 MB

Our annual directory highlights the trusted third-party logistics providers that won’t let you fall, no matter what your supply chain challenges.

Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards July 2021 | 8 pgs. | 0.38 MB

These short-listed 3PLs have earned the trust and votes of our audience. Learn more about the 3PLs that secured a spot on this list and why they’re the go-to provider for IL readers.

3PL Perspectives 2021 July 2021 | 6 pgs. | 0.23 MB

Our annual 3PL Market Research Report uncovers the state of the union between shippers and their third-party logistics providers and reveals how they navigate supply chain challenges. Featuring handy charts and noteworthy figures, the section enumerates and examines the forces that influence their collaboration.

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