October 2020 | News | Takeaways

Untangling Supply Chain Challenges

Tags: Manufacturing, Technology , Supply Chain

Digitization and complexity present overwhelming challenges, finds a new Körber study.

  • 91% of supply chain professionals cannot stay ahead of their challenges as manufacturing and fulfillment complexities continue to grow.
  • 51% of businesses can only tackle one supply chain challenge at a time.
  • 48% of supply chains saw complexity grow in the past year, driven by customer expectations and technology.
  • 25% still rely on manual operations, even with Industry 4.0 solutions available.

Issues that most often contribute to complexity:

  • 48% struggle with integrating and ensuring software, materials handling equipment, and technologies work together in the entire logistics ecosystem.
  • 46% have the most difficulty integrating functions across the supply chain, from manufacturing to end-customer deliveries.
  • 46% say meeting consumer expectations for speed, cost, and adaptability is their biggest challenge.

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