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That's a Latte Coffee

Tags: Global Logistics, Import, Supply Chain

SOURCE: Eurostat

When it comes to coffee imports, Germany is way out in front of EU member states, with 2017 imports totaling 1.1 million metric tons (see chart), according to Eurostat's most recent statistics.

The Italians are also well known for their love of coffee and last year, they imported slightly more than 550,000 metric tons. Belgium came in third for coffee imports with 268,000 metric tons.

Of the countries exporting coffee to Europe, Brazil ships the most. In 2017, the EU imported 840,000-plus metric tons of coffee from Brazil, more than second-place Vietnam (671,698) and third-place Honduras (210,883).

In total, the EU imported almost 3 million metric tons of coffee in 2017, 5 percent more than 10 years ago. In total, the amount imported was worth €8.8 billion (US$10 billion).

—Niall McCarthy, Statista

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