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Network Analysis Reveals Supply Chain Optimization Opportunities

Tags: Manufacturing, Technology , Big Data

A network optimization study with Odyssey Logistics & Technology gave a global manufacturer, which spent more than $1 billion annually on shipping, the insight to optimize its global supply chain network.

The Challenge

Measurable Success for a Global Manufacturer

A global manufacturer viewed as a powerhouse in its industry, delivering 12,000 different types of materials to 19,000 customers across six continents, determined it was spending more than $1 billion annually on shipping and a great deal of that spend was wasted.

But simply looking at all of its disparate data didn't provide the insights needed to make the right changes.

The manufacturer turned to Odyssey Logistics & Technology, one of their key operational partners, to conduct a network optimization study.

After creating a digital twin that integrated the manufacturer's most relevant data, Odyssey applied advanced modeling software to analyze scenarios, identify areas for improvement, and make actionable recommendations. All of this was done remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, saving the manufacturer at least $150,000 in travel costs.

The Solution

The Big Reveal—What Network Visibility Uncovered

You can't change what you don't know. The manufacturer had production plants on both coasts of the country where it is headquartered, shipping the same products to different regions.

There were no strict processes in place for sourcing customers in different regions, booking shipping costs globally, and managing lead times.

The interactive presentation of the company's data by Odyssey was the defining moment for the manufacturer. Supply chain leaders in the company saw their global inefficiencies through actionable data and scenarios that provided clear opportunities for improvement.

This gave the manufacturer the insight it needed to correct inefficiencies and optimize its global supply chain network.


  • Actionable, real-time data
  • Reduced spend
  • Uncovered better processes for:
  • — sourcing customers in different regions

    — booking shipping costs globally

    — managing lead times

The manufacturer has the opportunity to save $60 million and improve operations through its network optimization study with Odyssey Logistics & Technology.

To learn more:
email: salesandmarketing@odysseylogistics.com
web: odysseylogistics.com/optimize

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