May 2020 | News | Infographic

Logistics Lexicon for the Times (Part 2)

Tags: Logistics, Education, Supply Chain



Buy-online-deliver-from-curb model used for e-commerce fulfillment to minimize contact between consumer and retail employee.


Demand distortion


Significant, short-term change in product demand due to drastically different consumer behavior.


Floating storage


Using containerships to store product while weathering demand disturbances.





Quickly execute a sharp move away from normal manufacturing or logistics operations to address an immediate need for a product or service.


Ship from store or Direct from store


Using stores as mini-warehouses to fulfill e-commerce orders.





To transition workers into new shifts or duties in response to changing demand.



Hyperlocal logistics


Sharpened focus on residences as the final point of destination for distribution operations.


Buffer stock or Emergency inventory


Excess product in storage beyond what just-in-time strategies call for, to prepare for supply chain disruption.


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