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Blend of Solutions Saves the Day for Yogurt Maker

Tags: Temperature-Sensitive Goods, Partnership, Food Logistics

When yogurt company Noosa needed to sleeve bottles of drinkable yogurt while maintaining temperature integrity, Verst provided a mix of solutions to make sure processes went smoothly.

The Challenge

Noosa reached out to Verst to immediately sleeve filled bottles of drinkable yogurt as their co-packer who was filling the drink could not properly apply the shrink sleeve with their equipment.

The biggest concern was that they needed Verst to apply the sleeve to filled bottles of yogurt that had to stay below a specific temperature, otherwise the product would spoil. This is not an ordinary request as most of what Verst decorates are empty containers, and if it is filled, the temperature of the product is not a factor (like alcohol for example).

The Solution

Verst Packaging was ready for the challenge and was able to take learnings from a similar project it ran years ago.

The company already had the application tooling in house, had line availability to auto-apply the sleeves and bundle wrap the trays, and was able to address the stringent storage conditions. (Product had to remain below 47°F at all times.)

This project was run in two passes:

1) The bottles were removed from cold storage, sleeved, placed in trays, and returned to cold storage (to minimize temperature exposure).

2) They were then removed from cold storage, the trays were shrink bundle wrapped with in-house equipment, and then returned to cold storage.

At the same time, the QA team took temperature readings of the yogurt to ensure that the product remained below the allowed maximum temperature.

Although this was a short-term project, Verst was able to start production within weeks of the initial request and saved the day for Noosa.

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